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    Vitamins for your soul

    February 9, 2018

    We are about two weeks into February. As I turned the calendar to a new month, I reflected on how to add some sunshine to my days. 


    I would like to have:


    • More baths, less negativity

    • More fresh air, less news

    • More baking and cooking, less running (mentally or physically) from task to task

    • More handwritten notes to friends and family, less junk mail in my inbox

    • More moments that become good memories, less carrying the past with me

    • More savoring food and drinks, less telling myself I can function on little sleep

    • More trying new hobbies or crafts, less judgement of self and others

    • More meditating, less mess

    • More assertiveness, less internalizing

    • More yes, less no

    • More hot beverages, less tasteless food

    • More water, less TV

    • More of what makes me happy, less of what doesn't

    • More of my favorite music, less of not noticing my surroundings.


    Here's to a month of sunshine and healthy vitamins for your soul.








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