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    Paint your days

    January 12, 2018


    Did you know we all have an opportunity to be artists? We have a chance to paint the blank canvas of each day. When you wake up and start your day, you have a palette of limitless colors. Add a swipe of red as you kiss your family goodbye in the morning or when you talk to a good friend. Paint a big square of sky blue to represent your dreams or future plans. Maybe you look into booking a vacation or take a step towards a new goal? Lines of orange represent the power of your abilities and all the things you cross off your list for the day. Swirls of yellow are the laughs with friends and coworkers. Pink bubbles float through the canvas to show the kindness you show others. Vibrant green feather-like strokes show the things you do each day that lay the foundation of your future success for: health, faith, family, love, goals, dreams, and happiness.


    When you step back and look at the canvas of your days or the collection of canvases that is your life, you may see something hazy and abstract or a beautiful masterpiece. You control how you see your world. Not every day is a masterpiece but as painters we have the options to remove paint with tools like a painting knife, oil, or water. It also helps to know that the dawn of each new days brings a blank canvas ready for wonder and opportunity.








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