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    Thank you

    January 8, 2018


    It's merci in French, gracias in Spanish, danke in German, and my favorite, grazie, in Italian. Thank you is a powerful phrase, and it feels good to hear or read.


    As I look at my journey to try to add more acts of kindness to my life, I see that gratitude and kindness are closely linked. When I reflect on reasons to be grateful, I open myself up more to sharing kindness.  Gratitude is comforting. It can set the tone for our days in the morning or provide the opportunity for refocusing during a tough time.


    Saying thank you is an act of kindness. We can thank our bodies for all of the things they let us do and all the places they take us. We can thank the people who help us each day in ways, big or small.  


    It is doesn't necessarily matter how we say thank you but rather it's the act of sharing your gratitude. When we thank someone, it might be sunshine in someone's day, and it may be the spark that inspires them to thank someone else. Wouldn't it be amazing if we started a chain of thank yous? It could be chain of happiness.  








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