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  • Courtney

Nourish November: November 9- Prioritize Sleep

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

The goal of Confetto's Nourish November is to share ideas that are affordable and fairly easy that help you improve your wellness. I've tried to share tips to make these ideas attainable. Today's post focuses on sleep. We know it's healthy for us, but it can be hard to make sure we get enough of it. Sleep is good for us in many ways. It is the time that our body gets to rest and heal. Also, it's when your brain cleans itself, and you process the events of the day through dreams. Sleep is tied to mood, hunger levels, the immune system and more. For me, there is a huge correlation between sleep and my mental health.

To help you get the best sleep, make sure you are sleeping in a dark and cool room. If you have a lot of light from devices, consider turning them over or covering them to help darken your room. To help you relax before bed, you could take a hot bath (maybe with epsom salts to help sore muscles). Reading a good book or diffusing lavender essential oil, which smells wonderful, will also help you relax.

Make a plan at the start of your evening to decide when you want to go to bed. It will be easier to stick to your goal, if you’ve planned in advance. Enjoy your rest and let your body and mind get you ready for all of amazing things you are going to do tomorrow.

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