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  • Courtney

Nourish November: November 4- Make Room for Relaxation

Relaxation is when we recharge. It's a vital part of giving your mind and body a break from busy days. It may feel indulgent to make room in your schedule to relax but just think of it as a vitamin for yourself. It's a “must” so you don't overexert your body or make yourself sick by always being on-the-go. If you think about it in terms of technology, our favorite devices work better when they are full charged. It's the same for humans! We are fresher, more alert, more positive and ready to take on the day, when we've had a chance to kick back in the evening and also get good rest.

Relaxation came come in all shapes and sizes. It can be a 5-10 meditation in the middle of your day, a hot bath at the end of the day, or just an easy evening at home. You know what helps you relax. Maybe it's a walk by yourself around your neighborhood or a chance to get out your paints and easel?

Invest in yourself by scheduling relaxation on your calendar. Know you are doing this as part of self care and part of rejuvenating yourself, so you can be your best self tomorrow and in the coming days.

I've had many instances in my career of walking away from a document in the evening and then being able to make great edits and updates in the morning because I had fresh eyes. It's the same when we give our bodies and minds a chance to switch off. By relaxing, you are helping to lower your stress level, which helps your immune system and keeps you healthy. You are worthy of taking a break and taking care of yourself.

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