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Nourish November: November 29- Explore Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)

Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) is something I learned about from counseling sessions. For me, it means realizing and training yourself to see your thoughts as just thoughts. By that I mean, if you spill red wine all over your new white sweater, you might say or think, 'I'm such an idiot.' The reality that would just be a thought. It’s something that popped into your brain, and it’s not true. Everyone has times when they make mistakes or are clumsy.

When we see our thoughts as just thoughts, then we don't have to fight them or feel guilty about them. Do you ever take time to look back at a trail of thoughts? How your thoughts can very quickly go from topic to topic. It could be something like this: last summer to swimming to the old chairs at your childhood pool to your patio furniture to how you need to water the flowers. Our minds move at incredible speeds, and sometimes our thoughts overwhelm us or get ahead of us. This can be what anxiety feels like to me.

Self-acceptance and mindfulness are also important with ACT. With this therapy, you are agreeing to be more accepting of your thoughts and more accepting of yourself. ACT is a way to commit to facing your challenges and thoughts head on rather than ignoring the stresses.

This is a very short overview of some of my experiences and takeaways with ACT. There is much more to learn about this therapy, and I hope you will consider exploring it to see if it might help you.

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