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Nourish November- November 1st: Savor Food and Drinks and Find Beauty

Updated: Nov 7, 2020

Today, kicks off the first day of Confetto's Nourish November. Each day this month, I will be sharing a wellness tip or suggestion to help you make the most of November and cultivate calm during the upcoming busy holidays. I've curated some of my favorite wellness practices, self care tips, and things that just make me happy.

Today's tip is to savor your food and drinks and look for beauty around you each day. It's so easy to quickly eat meals and enjoy beverages without really paying attention to what you are doing. Consider paying attention tomorrow when you take your first sip of water, coffee, tea, or whatever kind of drink you like to have at the beginning of the day. If it's a hot beverage, maybe notice how it warms your throat as you swallow it and how the mug feels soothing in your hands.

As you enjoy food this evening and tomorrow, try to pay attention to what you are eating. Savor the bites and notice the different tastes and seasonings in your food. Notice what you like best about the food and how you feel after you eat it. When we are present during meals or when we are enjoying a refreshing drink, we start to notice the little joys in our day. These moments build on themselves, and they allow us to find more happiness in our days.

The same is true for looking for beauty around us. A few weeks ago, I was running errands, and I came across a road that would take me by an overlook that with several, beautiful trees in their autumn glory. Taking this route added a few minutes to my drive, but it made me so happy to take in this part of nature while I enjoyed the feeling of the windows down and happy music playing in my SUV.

As you start a new week, prepare yourself to see the beautiful colors of the morning sky or find comfort in your warm bowl of oatmeal. Hidden treasures can be found in every day, but we need to be ready to find them and ready to grow gratitude for the parts of our daily life. As we start November, I hope you have many meals to savor this week, and your eyes take in the splendor around you.

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