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  • Courtney

Nourish November: November 17- Check out Healthy Podcasts

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

When you want to do something for your wellness or personal growth, but you don’t have a lot of time, podcasts are a great choice. There are podcasts on almost any topic. One of my favorites is, Unlocking Us, by Brené Brown. I am a big fan of Brene’s work, and I’ve really connected with her research on how perfectionism and shame impact our lives.

Podcasts are generally around an hour or less. I find that I get something out of a podcast, even if I don’t listen to the whole thing. They are great to listen to during a walk, a drive, or while getting things done. They inject some wellness into my days, and I think hearing the words can help them be processed and make an impact. If you already love podcasts, please share some of your favorites. If you haven’t tried wellness podcasts, consider adding them into your week.

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