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  • Courtney

Nourish November: November 14- Create a Mantra to Combat Stress

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

I wish I could say I had a solution to get rid of stress. In some parts of life, it is inevitable. However, we can control how we react to it. A great strategy is to create a mantra that you can say to yourself anytime you face a really stressful situation.

"I am not going to let this define my day," is the mantra I use. It helps me acknowledge the stress, but also reminds me this is not my whole day. In a way, it helps me catch my breath and step back from things for a minute. After I get this reminder, it's a little easier to move through asituation.

There are some situations that are so challenging that you don't know what to do. In those moments when my brain is trying to adjust and it feels like there is only blank space, I can turn to my mantra to find a starting point.

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