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  • Courtney

Nourish November: November 13- Self-care is not selfish

As we head into the weekend, it's a great time to talk about self-care. There are many ways to take a break and take care of yourself. Self-care is healthy. When practiced regularly, it can help with sleep, optimism, mood, and focus.

For me, self-care starts with putting down my devices. This healthy habit can be what you want it to be. You might want to take a hot bath and listen to beautiful music. I love to listen to Opera to relax. Or, you may turn to a calm hobby, like painting or reading. Self-care is also getting out into nature and enjoying fresh air. It's a cup of tea with a friend or by yourself, or it's pampering with an at home facial. Maybe it's journaling to process your emotions?

When you take this regular time to pause your life, you are doing yourself a favor. You are helping your body and mind rest, and you showing yourself kindness. Taking a break isn't lazy; it's actually smart. Our bodies and minds work better when they are rejuvenated from rest and relaxation. Making time to do self-care is another way you can invest in yourself.

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