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  • by Courtney

Not yet

Not yet: two words we are familiar with, but perhaps also a new way to see our lives. Try switching not yet in place of no and see what happens. Am I accomplishing my biggest hopes and dreams? Not yet, but I am working on it, though. Are things as bad as they could possible be? Not yet.

As we sift through life with a lens of gratitude, we see how close we are rather than how far. Not yet can be a gateway to hope. I am not yet there, but I am on the road. You haven't started? You can still use not yet.

Not yet is closer to yes than no. It's maybe in the best possible way. It's the messy middle of possibility that says with the steps I've taken today I'm a heartbeat closer to my truth and happiness. It also says changes can be made.

Not yet is hope. Have you ever been to Spain? Not yet. It rolls off the tongue sweeter than a harsh no. Not yet is it's still on my task list. Not yet is I'm on my way there now. Not yet is that sounds like a great idea. Not yet is I would love to try that. Not yet is why not; I never thought of it that way? Not yet is the world is your oyster. What is your not yet?

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