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  • by Courtney

Lessons from rosemary and olive oil

This summer, we had fun with our garden of herbs and vegetables. One of the herbs was rosemary, and my husband used it to make rosemary-infused olive oil. It was easy to make. You put the fresh rosemary in a small mason jar, fill it with extra virgin olive oil, put it near a window and flip the jar every day for seven days. The sun helps with the process of fusing the oil and rosemary.

While observing this process, I was fascinated by the how the rosemary was suspended in the olive oil, after the jar was flipped. It was beautiful to see it floating slowly through the oil. It had an effect on me, and I thought I am going to try to be more like rosemary. I want to try to slow down now and then and pause to take life in and process it. In today’s world, we so frequently operate at a frantic pace that we don't have time to move with grace and purpose.

The rosemary in the olive oil moved at the pace of a Sunday morning with no plans. It was confident in knowing it was safe and part of a larger purpose and plan. It thrived in the sunshine. The rosemary did not change or get hurt when it was flipped or shaken. It stayed the same and persevered on its journey.

Maybe we can think about rosemary the next time we are stuck in traffic or waiting for an appointment. We are simply suspended and given a gift. It's a moment to collect our thoughts, take a deep breath, and let the olive oil of life take us where we need to go. Rosemary in olive oil makes me happy because it is like a herbal snow globe. May you find something that reminds you to pause and take in all the wonderful things that life has to offer.

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