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Keeping things in their place

As I got up early one recent morning with my little one, I put my light robe on over my pajamas, and I put my glasses on. I don't usually wear contacts until a little later in the morning. After I fed my baby, I hung the robe back up in my closet, and I put my glasses in their case in the nightstand. These items don't always make it back to their homes, but I find that clutter is a stressor for me. So, I am trying to be better about keeping things in their place.

For some reason, it was satisfying to take off my glasses, put them in their case, snap it shut, and close the drawer of my nightstand. It said to me: “These glasses are where they belong, and they are not going anywhere.” I certainly have things in my life that would benefit me, if I kept them in their place.

Keep things in their place.

When someone shares something in confidence with you, keep those secrets safe and within you. You are honoring their trust in you, and you are doing what you hope they will do with your secrets.

Keep the past in the past. Do not allow things that once hurt to hurt you again. They have already had their chance. When you've battled old insecurities, and they threaten to appear again, keep them where they are.

When you have thoughts and opinions about the actions and choices of others, consider keeping those to yourself and know that you have not walked in this person's shoes. It’s also true that they have not walked in your shoes. Just as you don’t know how they see the world; they don’t know how you see the world and what makes you happy. We are all fighting hard battles and doing great things. Sometimes the things that come so easy for us are the very hardest for others. It can be hard to remember all of these things, so consider reflecting on a battle you have fought or are fighting. How would you want others to treat you in that situation?

Sometimes, it feels like my mind does inventory on all of my past experiences and thoughts and is just looking for something to cause me worry, concern, or pain. I’m trying to teach myself on a day to day basis this is just part of living with anxiety. If I examine why things bubble up in my mind, I can have a more grounded and kind reaction to myself and others. Above all, we should remember we are doing good things and that being a work in progress is a beautiful thing. It means we are working on growth, and we are open to learning.

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