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  • by Courtney

The simple power of gratitude

Gratitude is the candle in our lives, it fills in the gaps and lights the dark spaces. The sweet part on top of an already wonderful life that makes it much better. Gratitude blooms and expands when you are open to it. Suddenly, you see all the reasons to be grateful for your life, amidst the challenges and tough times.

It surrounds you with color and feels like a fuzzy blanket. It wraps you up and helps you take on life. It's a barrier of kindness and thanks between you and the sometimes coldness of the world.

Gratitude paints smiles on our faces and our hearts. It wakes us up to the blessings and joys of our life that we might be missing. It can heal relationships, provide motivation, grant optimism, and be a guiding force as we walk through the darkness towards the future.

It never hurts anyone to be thankful. Good things happen to you and your brain and your physiological systems when you express gratitude. A wave or warmth washes over you and the person or people you are thanking.

When you say thanks, you are telling someone they are appreciated. You never know, that could be the only time they hear thanks that day or week.

Gratitude is so powerful. It has the energy to make big changes, and it's a chain reaction of goodness. When someone thanks you or is kind to you, you want to feel that feeling again by thanking someone and showing them kindness.

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