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  • by Courtney

Trust yourself

We work hard to maintain and support our relationships with our significant others, friends, family members, and coworkers, but when was the last time you thought about your relationship with yourself. Do you fully trust yourself? Do you believe in yourself when you make promises to yourself and others? Do you have confidence that you will see a goal all the way through to the end?

The concept of trusting yourself came to my attention when I listened to: Girl, Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis, earlier this year. If you haven't read or listened to it, it's worth checking out. Rachel talks about how trusting ourselves is the foundation for all our relationships. If you repeat patterns, such as: telling yourself ten times that you are going to paint your guest room, but you never do then you can lose faith in yourself. The more you hear yourself making promises you don't keep; your words don't hold the weight and significance that they should. Then, you risk not believing in yourself and trusting the things you say to yourself and others.

The good news is that every day is new chance to turn things around. Recently, I have gotten into the habit of getting to my workout class a few minutes late or in the case of last week, arriving 10 seconds before the 5-minute late window and risking missing the whole class. My workouts are therapy for me, and it would have been a letdown if I had missed the class. When I slinked into class, I felt like I was wearing a scarlet "L" for late. After that, I promised myself I would do better in the future. That meant I would arrive on time for the next class. I kept this promise to myself, and I felt like I could trust myself to do it again for future classes. This was a small act and a small promise, but that is all it takes to begin trusting yourself again. Years of bad habits can start to melt away with small building blocks of trust.

Trusting yourself is the net that catches you when you take risks. If you know you are good at running 5ks, then you won't be nervous at the start of the race. The same is true with public speaking or anything else that you try. If you prepare, believe in and trust yourself, success will be yours. It will allow you to be confident in your relationships and put your best self forward.

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