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  • by Courtney

Living life in pencil

Without realizing it, I've been living parts of my life in pencil. I've been saying things like: "I will get serious about writing when I redesign my home office." I've been building a few houses of cards for my goals by making plans on top of plans that haven't happened, yet. It can be as simple as, I won't buy new clothes until I lose 5 pounds. Or, it can be as drastic as I don't believe I can do X, not until I jump through all of these hoops I've created for myself.

You can also see yourself in pencil. You can see yourself as someone who is not permitted to make a pen mark on history. You can only speak in soft, pencil tones, and you can be part of success but remain in the shadows.

Pens don't have erasers because they get it right the first time. Pens have a seat at the table, and they write things like the Declaration of Independence. Pens are strong.

When you put things in pen, it's real. It's permanent. You don't sign contracts in pencil.

See yourself in pen. You are real. You are special, and you leave an indelible, beautiful mark on the people you interact with in daily life.

Pencil says: "I am afraid to take chances or commit to my dreams. Someday I'll do this."

In pen, it's real. It's happening. It's an instrument of hope. Pen says I matter. This goal matters.

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