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  • by Courtney

No questions asked

By asking questions, we can learn and understand ourselves and others in a better way. Questions can also be like little knives, probing and digging. Questions can even destroy beauty. If we are looking at a stunning sunset of vibrant pinks, purples, oranges, and reds, but we choose to fill the space of the moment with questions about the colors or the sky, we can destroy the peace of the moment. At times, the best thing we can do for ourselves or our loved ones is to let things happen, no questions asked.

Grace can look like many things. For me, it can be when I make a mistake and my husband, Dan, doesn't ask why it happened. It could be that I forgot a key ingredient for dinner for guests or I forgot the diaper bag when we are not close to home. Dan knows I'm likely being hard on myself, and he doesn't pile onto it. He shows me love and grace by helping me through the situation.

Whether life gives you wonders or worries, I challenge you to simply let things be from time to time. Recently, our baby only gets drowsy and ready for sleep, if she rests her head on my left upper arm, while I softly rub her head. This is the only thing that works. I could question it and ask: why is this working and what can I do to keep this going? But, the truth is, our daughter is a little human with changing needs who is growing frequently. I have chosen to simply take the win and be happy that we have found something that works for her. People are not "set it and forget it' beings. We can't always do what we've always done and except the same, positive results.

Just as our muscles get used to certain workouts and then the exercises become less effective, our emotions and souls need new nutrients and moments for growth. When we question why we do things or why things happen, good or bad, we interrupt the moment. We make it harder to move past things or we make it more difficult to enjoy life.

As good as it is to learn and grow, consider that questions can be taxing. Give yourself the gift of living, no questions asked. Do this for others in your life as a way to show them grace. When God smiles upon you and drops a gift in your life, just enjoy it. Don't question it or wonder if you are worthy of it.

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