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  • by Courtney

Clutter of the mind

Mail, documents, magazines, papers, kid stuff, clothes, and sunglasses make up the clutter in our home. It's so easy to create clutter. We tell ourselves, I'll just rest these things here for a little while, or I'm not sure where to put the non-urgent mail, that we need to keep.

It only occurs to me how many little piles of clutter we have, when I'm trying to clean. It's things like: some bills on the kitchen table, baby stuff on the dining room table, and a flashlight and a sweater on the chair in the loft.

Sometimes the small piles of clutter can be more overwhelming to me than a big cleaning task, like vacuuming the whole house. This happens, because I don't know what to do with the clutter. Items are left out because I don't have a place for them. I need to keep that insurance letter out because I need to attend to it, but I don't have to deal with it now. Where does it go? I've frequently cleaned and thought I was done, and then found one more little pile of things that don't have a place to go.

I know that I have clutter in my mind. It's this little pile of thoughts that I just allow to stay there. Thoughts that are holding me back from having a clean, focused mind. What's in this pile? Past mistakes that I keep making myself pay for because, 'I can learn from them.' Habits like being judgmental or enjoying gossip, because it's easy. Being neurotic about leaving my straightener on that, stops me from leaving the house in a calm state. Wanting to meditate but never finding the time.

What little piles of clutter do you have in your mind that stop you from doing the things you want to do or stop you from trying new things? Join me in taking care of clutter of the mind. Let's sweep it into the trash and never think of it again. Or, let's work through it with the help of meditation, yoga, or counseling. We can do this.

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