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  • by Courtney

Your thoughts are medicine

Currently, I take several vitamins, and I have done that for many years. The supplements are based on what my body needs and what I am trying to accomplish. My focus now is making sure my baby gets the nutrients she needs from my milk and to help my body continue to heal from being pregnant.

It’s easy to take pills or vitamins. When we have a headache, we grab some ibuprofen. When we want shiny hair and long nails, we take biotin. It’s just part of our day. The same is true for our thoughts. Do you regularly think about the way you speak to yourself? When you consider doing something new, does your mind, say no, right away? When you are in the midst of very tough workout or run and you want to quit, it’s your mind that has the final say. Your thoughts can talk you into or out of anything.

Our thoughts are medicine or poison. When I tell myself, I am not being a good mom to my baby, that doesn’t not help me. It hurts me. It leads to cascading doubt throughout my mind. If I tell myself, I am doing the best I can, it gives me courage to tackle even bigger mom tasks and plans. If you see your thoughts as medicine, it will shift the way you interact with yourself each day.

Try thinking when you first wake up, I’ve got this and today is going to be amazing. If you think, today is going to be awful, you have already created a vision of your day. Just as we need good doctors and wellness professionals to help us know what medicine and vitamins to take, we also need good people in our lives to encourage us. Surround yourself with people who lift you up when you are down and lift you even higher when you are doing well.

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