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  • by Courtney

You are more than...

The tapestry of who you are is a beautiful and complex mixture of moments, memories, actions, reactions, joy, sadness, success, failure, thoughts, love, and so much more.

You are so much more than:

  • Your appearance

  • Your ability to think on your feet

  • Where you have traveled

  • Unsolicited advice

  • Lateness

  • Your cooking ability

  • Your todo list

  • Whatever happened at work and/or home today

  • Lost night(s) of sleep

  • Your vegetable intake

  • What your family thinks

  • The cleanliness of your house

  • Your athletic ability

  • A burned dinner

  • Your job

  • Saying the wrong thing

  • Being an introvert or extrovert

  • What your boss thinks of you

  • Whatever society tells you to be

  • Where you live

  • Your resume

  • What happened last week, last month or many years ago.

If case you ever forget, you are so much more than whatever you are going through.

This is sunset is from a visit to Carmel, California

#Pause #Calm #wanderlust

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