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  • by Courtney

How are you holding yourself back?

I recently learned in the throes of uncomfortable feelings and well out of my comfort zone, I can find pieces of myself. Pieces that I didn't know existed. To give some background on this, I've had a mental block towards advanced forms of parking a car, since my teenage years. I never really got the hang of backing a car in or parallel parking. It didn't make sense to me, and after a while, my mind simply told me it wasn't going to happen. If someone asks how I parallel park, my answer is valet.

Now, my husband has a big truck, and I drive it from time to time. It feels like driving a tank, but I enjoy it. It's great for snowy days. He has kindly asked me to work on backing it into the driveway, as that is how he likes to park it. It makes it much easier to leave. I NEVER thought I could back it in, and I was positive it would be disaster, if I ever tried. A few weeks ago, he helped me back it in, with lots of patience and guidance on using the backup cameras. It was scary but exhilarating.

Last week, I backed the truck in, by myself, in the snow. This was a no pressure situation, and I think that's why it was successful. I just thought: hey, I'll try this. If it doesn't work, it's not a big deal. I applied the same principle when, a few days ago, I backed my own car in for the first time in my adult life. That is kind of sad, isn't it? My mental verdict was that it would never be possible, and it had become gospel in my mind. After I backed my car in, it occurred to me that it wasn't as bad as I thought.

This led me to realize, what else is holding me back? How many other things have become "never going to happen" gospel in my mind? So, I don't even give them a chance or think that I could ever do them?

Can you relate to this? The reality is that it may be uncomfortable, but you can find joy when you push yourself. Even if things don't work out, you will have taken a chance, and you will not be on the sidelines. You will earn stories, experiences, and work that shows you are trying new things and trying to achieve goals. My advice is, don't wait two decades like I did.

I saw this ferris wheel in Seattle, and I think it's a great metaphor for challenging yourself. You don't know how high you can reach until you stop holding yourself back.

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