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  • by Courtney

Lessons from Italy

Recently, my husband and I visited Italy. It was to celebrate our anniversary and the arrival of our baby this fall. We visited Venice, Florence, Rome and the Amalfi Coast. Each place had it's own charms and stunningly beautiful sites.

It was a wonderful opportunity to get away, and it was also a chance to see how Italians live. We learned many things on our trip, and it made us reflect on our lives. We were reminded of the importance of delicious, fresh food, and how it seems to taste better when sitting down. The same is true for one of my favorite things, coffee. Coffee or freshly brewed cappuccino (which I miss desperately) was wonderful to enjoy on a sidewalk cafe or on a terrace with a great view. Coffee and food don't have to enjoyed in special places, but I found I was able to savor them more when I took time to enjoy them. Coffee to go didn't really seem to be a thing in Italy. I appreciated the call to slow down and savor.

It's hard to enjoy or really focus on something or someone when you are doing other things at the same time. This trip reminded me to slow down and take in the experiences of the moment. What memories might I be missing the chance to make as I rush through life?

Another thing that I learned from the Italians, is the beauty of walking as much as you can and always taking the stairs. In all of the places we visited, we did a lot of walking, and it often involved stairs that were narrow and steep. It all worked out because it allowed us to enjoy pasta and gelato each day. Gelato is required when you are a pregnant lady in Italy. Walking also allowed us to take in the world around us. The world passes by much more slowly when you are walking rather than when you are in a car or train. Walking gives you a chance to breath in fresh air and look for the gifts for your eyes that may be waiting for you in the world around you.

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