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  • by Courtney

Find your pause

Taking a few minutes to pause can help in so many situations. Deep breaths can help us focus and think before we speak. It can also help us reframe our view to see a more holistic perspective.

Rest is as nourishing for our bodies as food. We don't always remember this because time seems like the ultimate commodity. It's easy to think I have to get these three more things done before I go to bed. In fact, sleep is when we recharge and rejuvenate. This is when our body heals itself.

What triggers can you setup in your life to help you pause? Can you place something on your desk or in a prominent place in your home? When you see this item, you will know it's time to take a deep breath. You could also consider setting a reminder or alarm on your phone for daily meditation. I like to do a short meditation before bed because it helps me relax.

For me, my pause space looks like this. It's four candles that I light when I want to pray or meditate. Just being in this space helps me calm down. I have found that taking even less than five minutes to listen to a guided meditation or simply close my eyes and take deep breaths, has really helped relax and change my perspective. It also miraculously helps take the edge off my migraine headaches. I think this happens because it calms my brain down and gives it a chance to rest. I hope your week ahead is filled with beautiful moments and chances to pause.

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