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Parade of gratitude

Parades are a time for celebration, rather it’s for an event, a holiday or a person. They involve floats, confetti, candy, music, and people lining the streets to watch it all. What if we looked at our reasons to be grateful, as a parade? It’s a great habit to take time at least once a day to reflect on your gratitude list, but what if gratitude could be ongoing throughout the day?

When you go to a parade, unless you get there very early, you may have to jostle to see it. A tall person may step in front of you and block your view or you may need to crane your neck to see the floats. It is the same with our day-to-day lives. Our days are filled with many parts, and it can be easy for a meeting, conversation, or hectic morning to distract us from gratitude. If we remember that gratitude is a parade that lasts all day, we will realize that may need to shift a bit to see it.

The good news is that gratitude is there all the time, so it makes it hard for us to miss our chance to be grateful. Instead of a live parade, where we could miss seeing the floats, our minds have “gratitude parade DVR”. We can play back moments in our day to reflect on them and be thankful. If we are reflecting on not so great moments, we can tap into the parade to feel better.

There is a constant stream of reasons to be grateful in our days. They may seem small such as: warm cups of coffee or tea, sunshine in the morning, a calming meditation, or someone holding the door. These seemingly little moments or things stitch together to build our days. Sunshine in the morning makes a busy day a little more tolerable. Coffee helps you to be alert and focused.

When we are hanging over the edge of stress, gratitude helps to pull us back to what really matters. There is scientific proof it is healthy when you focus on gratitude. Consider taking time today to watch your gratitude parade.

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