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  • by Courtney


What is warmth? Is it a fire? A candle? A mug of hot chocolate? Spring weather in February? A hug? A compliment?

What if warmth is contagious? What if it happens in this way: you receive a hug and compliment from a good friend and suddenly an invisible, orange glow is around you. You pass it on by bringing cookies to a neighbor. They pass it on by volunteering at a local food pantry. Slowly an invisible, orange glow appears over your town. As warmth and kindness is shared between people, the glow spreads to appear in your city, your state, the country and then the world.

Warmth can be free. It can be a cozy blanket or a blanket of soothing words. It can be hot coffee or reflecting on the blessings in your life. Life can easily be seen as a blur of chaos and negativity. If you can look at life with a lens of gratitude, then you can more easily see warmth and share it.

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