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  • by Courtney

The power of a flicker

I love to light candles, especially this time of year. They add so much to a space. Even in a dark restaurant, a few small votive candles can transform the space into something inviting and romantic. Candle light is soft, soothing, and complimentary. The flicker of one candle can do so much.

I think the same is true with seemingly small things in daily life that can actually be transformative, especially relating to kindness. When you get overwhelmed at work, the quick fleeting thought reminding yourself that you are doing your best, could make all of the difference in the rest of your day. When we think of acts of kindness, it's important to include ourselves in those acts. Studies have shown that when we are critical of ourselves it is stressful for our body's systems and processes.

Making a quick call or sending a note to friend or family member to thank them for what they add to your life, may very well make their day. In our very busy world, we don't always carve out several hours a day to be kind. Instead, kindness can be the beautiful velvet ribbon you weave throughout your days, maybe without even realizing it.

I would argue that there is no act of kindness that is too small. Kindness is life-giving oxygen for our world. It adds fuel for hope and goodness to our days. We don't know the full difference it will make in someone's life when you leave an extra big tip for your server or anonymously pay someone's utility bill. The same goes for holding the door for a stranger or letting someone into your lane while driving. Many of these things may just seem like things you do each day, but I would argue that they have value. Kindness is a way of speaking to people and creating joy in the word, sometimes without using words at all.

There is a not a limit to acts of kindness that you can do in a day. If you have a bad day, it doesn't preclude you from being kind the next day. As each dawn brings a blank slate, it also brings a full palette of kindness to your fingertips. Joy can be our currency, and our way of bringing more light to the world with the flicker of our candles.

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