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  • by Courtney

Lessons from my dog

This is Zoey, our Border Collie mix, she is almost ten, and she is a bundle of happiness and love. In this photo, she is wearing her holiday attire.

Zoey has taught me a lot about life. I have learned about happiness, loyalty, and curiosity from her. Zoey is happy almost all of the time. She wags her tail if it’s early in the morning or it’s raining. She doesn’t see the day in the negative. Each day brings new adventures, smells and things for her to do. She realizes each new day is a gift, and she finds joy in the smallest things or experiences. Part of Zoey’s happiness is that she lets things go. She doesn’t seem to carry things that happen to her into the next day. She processes what happens in the moment and then she moves on. I admire that she can do that.

Whenever we get home from work or any other place, Zoey shows her loyalty by greeting us at the door, as if we have been gone for a long time. She is so happy to see us, and it is very touching. She is at her highest level of excitement when we come home, and it makes me think, what if we greeted our loved ones and friends in this way? How would you like to walk into work on Monday and have your co-workers clap and have huge smiles on their faces when they saw you? Wouldn’t that be fun? You may consider keeping this in mind the next time you interact with family and friends. It’s a wonderful feeling when someone shows they care. I think you might make the day of someone in your life if you greet them warmly or tell them how much they mean to you.

Zoey also shows her loyalty by fiercely protecting us. She is always on guard, and listening for noises at the front or the back of our house. She will bark if she sees anything suspicious, and it makes us feel safe. We would rather have her bark more than less, and we know she will alert us if anything suspicious is happening.

In addition to happiness and loyalty, the third thing I have learned from Zoey is curiosity. She loves to explore any place that she goes, and she is happy to explore our backyard or even our home. Zoey is ready for adventures that might involve a car ride or a walk around the neighborhood. I think a healthy natural curiosity can also enhance the lives of humans. It’s exciting to learn new things rather it’s from reading or taking a class. Our lives are enriched with additional knowledge, and you never know what you can learn that will change your life. Zoey is not afraid to retrace her steps in the pursuit of curiosity and knowledge. She frequently checks out spots she has already sniffed, just in case she might have missed something or if there is something new to check out. I like that she is willing to look at things again from a different perspective, so she can learn more. This gives her an overall richer life, and it's something I also try to take to heart.

Zoey and, dogs in general, really have life figured out because they embody happiness, loyalty and curiosity in their daily lives. You may find some room in your life to take some cues from dogs. It might be exploring a new interest, greeting each day as new or showing your family and friends how much you care about them.

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