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  • by Courtney

Consider kindness

As you consider resolutions for 2018, what about leaving a little space for kindness? Kindness doesn't have to cost anything, and it comes in all shapes and sizes. It is a universal language that we can all share.

Acts of kindness have been shown to have many benefits including heart health and anti-aging. Perhaps, kindness is the new Botox? I'm kidding of course, but kindness is a powerful force. It feels great to step outside the rush of daily life to give to others.

The great news about kindness is that it can take so many forms. It can be the compliment given to a friend, coworker or significant other. Kindness can be the understanding shown to a stranger or the great review about a new business. It can be making care packages like these to hand out to homeless people. Kindness can be as big or small as you want it to be. It can be a note sent to old friend or running an errand for a spouse. Kindness can be bringing a hot beverage to someone who works outside or sending care packages to soldiers. Kindness can also be volunteering with a local charity or even making a monetary donation.

We never know how much kindness can impact those who receive it or witness it. It can inspire others to give, and it can be a chain reaction of goodness. My goal for 2018 is to perform at least one act of kindness per day, and I plan to share my progress with you on this blog. I hope you will consider joining me on this journey. Your kindness efforts don't need to be overwhelming or feel like one more thing on the todo list. Instead, I hope they will be a bright spot in your days and chance to grow relationships and connect with what really matters.

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