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  • by Courtney

Joy welcomes joy

Each new day is a gift; it is a fresh start. We never know what life will bring. When we are open to good things, joy welcomes joy and positivity promotes positivity. Dreams and goals become real when we believe in: ourselves, life, the power of moments, and the strength of love. One way to be open to good things is to focus on gratitude. We can set the tone for our days by reflecting on what we are grateful for at the beginning and end of each day. Try adding a few more "thank yous" to each day. They are two of the most powerful words, and they feel as good to say as to hear.

Here are a few moments, feelings and things that bring gratitude to my heart. They may also be things you are grateful for or they may inspire you to celebrate your life:

  • Swirling snowflakes in a navy sky

  • The perfect cup of tea with a little milk

  • How the house feels warm after a cold day

  • Laughing with a old friend after so much time has passed

  • Driving towards the weekend on a Friday evening

  • Finding the perfect gift for a loved one

  • My dog greeting me at the door

  • The sand between my toes as the waves crash on a sunny day

  • The taste of a perfect pasta dish

  • Time with family around a fire outside on chilly fall evenings

  • The moment when an airplane touches down on vacation

  • Finding exactly what you need on sale

  • Sleeping on clean sheets while rain falls down

  • Clothes that fit perfectly

  • The feeling of accomplishment after completing a project, a workout, a home repair or a craft

  • Slow weekend mornings

  • The first taste of coffee each day

  • Happiness from helping others

Believe in your dreams. They are the bright path that can take you to places beyond your imagination. Colors, hopes, and memories make this road on the way to destiny. You can do it. You are worthy. It will happen. Dreams are the fuel that make your lantern of hope burn bright. Believe. Hope. Dream. Strive. Never stop praying. Write. Do. Be. Play. See. Travel. Imagine.

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