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  • by Courtney

The confetti of our days

Confetti is beautiful. It sparkles and shines as it falls through the air. Many different colors and shapes work together to form beauty. What if we consider looking at our days in this way? Good moments, happy thoughts, positive interactions and favorite things form a day of bright, vibrant colors. Tough moments, stress, and negativity form a day or parts of a day with dreary colors. I believe perspective can go a long way in creating the confetti of the day.

It's not easy to breeze through tough times and stress, but choosing a day of bright colors can really help. Consider waking up and saying that your day is going to be great. Those precious moments at the beginning of our days can help set the tone. You can plant the seed for greatness. When challenges and dreary colors appear throughout your day, you can fight against them by reflecting on your morning mantra. Focus on your worth and shape your day into a confetti of beautiful colors. Throw it in the air celebrate all that are you are.

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