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  • by Courtney

Champagne in the fridge

In my last post "Little things", I talked about pausing to celebrate the milestones along the path to goals. How do we prepare ourselves to celebrate? How do we carve out time for these moments of sunshine in the midst of our busy lives? How do we make it easier to do good things for ourselves and others?

An easy way for me to add celebration to my life is to always to keep a bottle of champagne in the fridge. I think sparkling wine is delicious, so I'm happy to have a bottle available. However, it's also about being ready to celebrate. Having a bottle of champagne means that I can make a plain, old Wednesday dinner sparkle and shine. Having a bottle of champagne means I have something exciting to bring to a dinner party with friends.

A bottle of champagne in the fridge is a way to be ready to celebrate. What in your life is your instant celebration kit? Is it keeping air in your bike tires, so you can get out and explore on a sunny day? Is it stocking your kitchen with baking ingredients, so you can spend a relaxing Sunday making treats? Is it keeping a special savings for a spur of the moment weekend trip? Maybe it's having a thick, beautiful journal with nice pens or pencils, so you are ready to draw or write when inspiration strikes you.

Let's consider doing what we can to make life more enjoyable for ourselves and others. Making small preparations to add celebration to your life may lead to more peace and relaxation. If yoga is your zen celebration, consider buying a new mat and keeping it in a obvious place so it's easier to integrate the practice into your daily life. Take the time to create awesome stations on Spotify or Pandora to spice up your commute or workouts. Music is such an easy and powerful way to paint our days with motivation or happiness.

We are the artists of our days. We hold the paintbrush, and we chose where the colors go. Make your days shine. If they feel dull and grey, see what you can do to add some vivid reds, bright oranges, sparkling greens or sunny yellows. Each new day is a blank canvas, and we can get the chance to make it our own. I hope your coming days are decorated with celebrations big and small.

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