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  • by Courtney

Little things

Little things come together to add up to big things. As we travel down the path to our goals, sometimes we need to celebrate the milestones along the way. Congratulate yourself for the healthy meals, the workouts, the successful projects at work, the good nights of sleep and the home repairs. Life happens as you are planning your life.

Small achievements are still achievements and celebrating them feeds our dreams and goals. It gives us fuel to move further down the road or up the mountain because we take time to look back and we realize how far we have come. We remind ourselves what we are capable of, and we use this buoyant feeling to lift us up. Reflecting on achievements, big or small, proves to yourself that you can do more than you think.

Goals are not typically accomplished in a 0-60 way. My amazing husband frequently calms me down and brings me back to earth by saying: "Life by the inch is a cinch. Life by the yard is hard." Just as our bodies are made of trillions of cells and recipes contain a collection of ingredients, big things in life are made of small steps.

A college degree is made up of attending classes, completing assignments, taking tests and writing papers. Each one of this small things brings someone close to earning their degree. To look at it another way, marathon runners typically don't do 26.2 miles on their first day of training. They start out with a smaller distance and gradually work up to going farther. Whatever you are aiming for, you will get there. Especially, if you step back and realize how far you've already come and how many goals you have already accomplished.

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