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  • by Courtney


Have you ever thought about what we can truly choose in life? Can we choose our family? Can we choose where we are born? Can we choose the weather? No, we cannot choose any of these things, but we can choose how we see the world.

We can choose gratitude, hope, smiles, and sunshine. We can choose to remove ourselves from toxic interactions, and we can choose to let unsolicited advice roll off our backs like raindrops from a roof.

We can choose to be kind to ourselves. We can choose to help. There is no such thing as a small act of kindness, and we can never know how much holding a door, lending an ear, buying a coffee, bringing a meal or giving a few hours of our time can help someone.

We can choose to always do the next right thing even though it may not be easy or pleasant. We can choose to see joy and be on the lookout for it. It's hiding among the mugs of hot chocolate by your fire, and it's lurking among your children's laughter. Joy is waiting for you on the other end of the phone as you talk to a sibling or friend.

We are in control of our destiny. We are faced with many choices each day, and it can be overwhelming. Our choices are powerful. They are lights on our path through the darkness. They are beacons of truth. Choices are the small pieces of ourselves that we present to the world. Life looks a lot like a long string of choices. Choose happiness, love, hope, and optimism. Choose to believe in yourself and see what happens in your world.

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