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  • by Courtney

Find your confetto

Confetto means a single piece of confetti. To me, it is the term for the small moments of joy or happiness that occur throughout life. Some days they are numerous and other days you have to really look for them. Confetto is the beautiful streaks of sunrise you see in the sky when you step outside in the early morning. It's the hug from your old friend when you pick them up from the airport. Confetto can be found throughout the moments in our days.

Moments are fleeting and fast, low and languid. We collect them over a lifetime. Some sparkle like gold and shine in the sun. Others float to the bottom, like stones in a puddle. They can pull us down as we walk through life. Our lives are a collection diverse moments.

What makes some moments standout and rise above the others to stand tall and bright? They form the foundation and sparkling grid of our lives.

We have a treasure chest, a collection of confetto. These are things like laughs with friends, cool cocktails under a palm tree, snowflakes in our hair as we kiss someone, and the warmth of family by the fire.

We dress, we prepare, we plan and then life happens. We walk to this blank canvas, clean chalkboard, blue sky and life unfurls in front of us. Moments bubble up like champagne bubbles to zing and zag. They are expected and unexpected. They are warm, challenging, calm and cool.

We are a mass smoothed and shaped, roughened and burned by the ways of life. We push through the world. Colors stream over us. Yellow sun-soaked days with love, red of work challenges, green of safety and friendship, purple of relaxation, pink holidays of celebration and blue of sadness.

They leave their marks, happiness and glowing imprints on our face. The faintest lines of stress mark thin lines on our forehead. The changes are painless. We don't realize we are being molded an shaped. We are forged in the fire, and we emerge stronger, sleek, smart and grateful.

The long, carving trajectory of this life is the carpet of memories that has made us the beings we are at this moment. Tomorrow is unknown. It's hope, fear, possible, impossible, dreams and nightmares. Today is our clay to shape and form. We get to fill it with moments

Find your confetto, your little moments of joy and happiness in today and tomorrow. Gratitude lifts us up and over the challenging times. It is a silver streak that makes the darkest clouds and storms shine.

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