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The long way around

If you need to go somewhere, you want to take the shortest and most direct route possible. We may think we are doing this in our lives with being our true selves and expressing our emotions, but I know that I am guilty of "taking the long way around" to keep my mask on or be whatever person I think I need to be that day. Can you relate to this? You've agreed to do something like: make an intricate side dish for a cookout, complete a PTA project, or help a family member with a house project. You need to complete this task on a weeknight after several, stressful workdays or days at home with the kids. You haven't slept in a few nights, and your emotions are running wild. You are not okay, but

Broken is the new better

For as long as I can remember, I've packed more than I have needed for trips. Part of the reason that this happens is because of my large collection of makeup, toiletries and beauty products, but there is also this feeling that I need to double the amount of all my clothes. Am I the only person that thinks something along the lines of: what if it rains, snows and I spill guacamole on my clothes, all in the same day? Recently, I've realized that I also carry a lot of unnecessary feelings and emotions around with me each day. It's gotten to the point that I don't know how to be me without self-doubt, anxiety, and perfectionism. They have become a part of me, and I take them everywhere I go. Th

Why perfect?

As a recovering perfectionist, I've been asked by friends why in the world I would want to try to be perfect? My first answer was usually-- why wouldn't I? Have you ever hosted a party where the food turned out great, your house was clean and sparkling, your outfit was on point, and your guests had a fantastic time and made meaningful connections with each other? That rare kind of occurrence is why perfectionism has been an addiction for me. When times like that have happened, my mind has glossed over all of the work, extra energy, and self-inflicted pain that it takes to get to the illusion of perfect. Perfection is a Mount Everest that is rarely attainable. For most of my life, I was hoo

Simple pleasures in a busy world

It has been a while since my last blog post, and that is because we welcomed our daughter late last year. She is three months old now, and motherhood has been a wonderful and challenging adventure. It has made me appreciate things I took for granted before: sleep, meals eaten slowly, hair and clothes without spit up ( I think spit up could be the new deep conditioner of 2019), but it's also made me slow down and appreciate life's simple pleasures. Rocking my baby girl while we listen to classical lullabies and watch the snow fall has become one of my favorite things. I've always thought snow was beautiful, but did I really slow down to observe it and drink it in? I love watching it fall from

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