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Give yourself a gift

As we near the end of the first month of 2018, you may be churning through your resolutions or rethinking them. Have you considered giving yourself a gift and letting go of expectations, memories, pressures, or habits that you have been carrying around? I like to think of them as a big backpack filled with heavy rocks that we all have on our backs without realizing it. The backpack can be so heavy that it is pulling us into the past when we try to be in the present or move into the future. Are you lugging around anything that you can let go? Something that happened many years ago? An unfair expectation that you put on yourself? A negative view about your life that is tainting future moments

The power of a flicker

I love to light candles, especially this time of year. They add so much to a space. Even in a dark restaurant, a few small votive candles can transform the space into something inviting and romantic. Candle light is soft, soothing, and complimentary. The flicker of one candle can do so much. I think the same is true with seemingly small things in daily life that can actually be transformative, especially relating to kindness. When you get overwhelmed at work, the quick fleeting thought reminding yourself that you are doing your best, could make all of the difference in the rest of your day. When we think of acts of kindness, it's important to include ourselves in those acts. Studies have sho

Winter comfort

You may not realize it, but there are things or rituals we do each day that bring us comfort or help to set the tone for the day. I like to make our bed every morning. I don't always feel like doing it, but it takes less than a minute. It pulls the room together, and it's nice to come home to a made bed after a long day. I love coffee, and I always enjoy the first sip of coffee in the morning. It tells my mind it's time to start the day and do my best. It's energizing, and it tastes even better with peppermint creamer enjoyed on a slow weekend morning by the fire. At the end of the day, it's already dark when I get home. I love putting on comfortable clothes and relaxing by the fire. Rather

Paint your days

Did you know we all have an opportunity to be artists? We have a chance to paint the blank canvas of each day. When you wake up and start your day, you have a palette of limitless colors. Add a swipe of red as you kiss your family goodbye in the morning or when you talk to a good friend. Paint a big square of sky blue to represent your dreams or future plans. Maybe you look into booking a vacation or take a step towards a new goal? Lines of orange represent the power of your abilities and all the things you cross off your list for the day. Swirls of yellow are the laughs with friends and coworkers. Pink bubbles float through the canvas to show the kindness you show others. Vibrant green feat

Thank you

It's merci in French, gracias in Spanish, danke in German, and my favorite, grazie, in Italian. Thank you is a powerful phrase, and it feels good to hear or read. As I look at my journey to try to add more acts of kindness to my life, I see that gratitude and kindness are closely linked. When I reflect on reasons to be grateful, I open myself up more to sharing kindness. Gratitude is comforting. It can set the tone for our days in the morning or provide the opportunity for refocusing during a tough time. Saying thank you is an act of kindness. We can thank our bodies for all of the things they let us do and all the places they take us. We can thank the people who help us each day in ways, b

Lessons from my dog

This is Zoey, our Border Collie mix, she is almost ten, and she is a bundle of happiness and love. In this photo, she is wearing her holiday attire. Zoey has taught me a lot about life. I have learned about happiness, loyalty, and curiosity from her. Zoey is happy almost all of the time. She wags her tail if it’s early in the morning or it’s raining. She doesn’t see the day in the negative. Each day brings new adventures, smells and things for her to do. She realizes each new day is a gift, and she finds joy in the smallest things or experiences. Part of Zoey’s happiness is that she lets things go. She doesn’t seem to carry things that happen to her into the next day. She processes what hap

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